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We require official high school transcripts and official transcripts for any college coursework you completed while in high school or after graduation. 记录可以 be sent from your school in an officially sealed envelope OR through ND E-Transcript, 羊皮纸,或票据交换所. 你必须有一个最低累积平均绩点 (GPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Note: You can provide an unofficial transcript for a quicker admission decision. We can make a preliminary admission offer if you meet our admission guidelines. You will need to confirm your academic status by providing an official transcript later.


Your high school transcript should show that you have successfully completed 13 units 高中核心课程.*

  • 4个单元英语
  • 数学3个单元,代数1及以上
  • 实验室科学3个单元
  • 社会研究三个单元

*Applicants aged 25 or older on the first day of class or applying to an associate 或证书课程免除CORE要求.


学士学位课程: The State Board of Higher Education has waived test score requirements through summer 2023. You may still submit ACT or SAT scores for scholarship and placement testing purposes. 要将您的分数发送给我们,请输入代码 3210 参加ACT考试或 6477 for the SAT.

副学士和证书课程: ACT or SAT test scores are not required but may be submitted for the purpose of 课程安排. 入学前也可进行分班测试.


The North Dakota University System requires that new students provide documentation of immunity for certain diseases unless an exemption is accepted. For more details on these requirements or potential exemptions click here.


If you are pursuing a degree in nursing or teacher education, your major may have additional requirements beyond the general DSU admission standards. Please 访问DSU目录 或联系招生处获取更多信息. 在你提交申请后 DSU, you may be asked to complete a separate application for your degree program.


If you're a home-schooled student, you'll follow the same admission criteria and process 申请上述DSU. 除了提交已经要求的, you'll also need to submit a home-school curriculum description or transcript that displays:

  • Specific listing of classes completed to satisfy secondary school requirements; identified 和/或按类级别分开. 我们可能会要求提供课程大纲或详细说明 当然是内容.
  • Clear identification of those courses that meet the NDUS high school core course requirements.
  • Key explaining grading system and successful completion of coursework including number 通过课程获得的学分,字母成绩和平均绩点(4分).0 scale.
  • 毕业/完成学习计划的日期.
  • 家长/老师签名.
  • Diploma/certificate issued by the local school district in which you live if your 地区提供这样一份文件. 高中同等学历考试可以接受 in lieu of a high school diploma, providing that such an exam is an authorized high school equivalency test by the state in which the exam was taken.


高中同等学历考试可以接受 in lieu of a high school diploma, providing that such an exam is an authorized high school equivalency from the state 它是在那里挣来的.

The GED is the only test of high school equivalency recognized by Dickinson State per the 北达科他州大学系统程序402.11. If you completed the GED after 2014, you must provide official documentation of 最低GED考试成绩等于或大于 145.

Come see us on a Discover DSU Day or set up an individual visit. 去不了了 参观活动? 看看我们的虚拟之旅吧. 探索参观校园的方式.


The 免费申请联邦学生援助(FAFSA) 可以在网上找到.

  • 申请最早于 October 1.
  • The priority deadline for grants and work study qualification is April 15.
  • 迪金森州立大学的FAFSA学校代码是: 002989.

赌球网站’s housing policy requires all first-year and second-year full-time students to live in a residence hall on campus and purchase a meal plan 整个学年.

To complete your on-campus housing application you must first 申请您的NDUS帐户.

在您认领了您的NDUS帐户后,您可以进入 校园连接 完成房屋申请. Follow these instructions to submit the housing application.

You will have to pay a $200 housing prepayment to secure your room.

Once 住宿和餐饮 has finished room assignments, you will get information about 你的室友,这样你们可以在来学校之前联系一下.

If you don't want to live on campus, you need to complete the 房屋上诉/住宿要求. Approval of these requests are made at the discretion of DSU’s Office of Housing and Dining. Exemptions may include married students, students with dependents, students living within 25 miles of Dickinson, ND, or students age 21+ prior to the start of 他们入学的学期的课程.

After you're accepted to DSU, you are required to attend a 新生注册 活动报名参加即将到来的学期的课程.

Accepted students can register for a 新生注册 event starting on February 1. You can find 新学生注册日期在这里.

During registration, you can speak with financial aid, residential life, and other 校园周边重要办公室. 你还将与指导老师见面选择课程, get your student ID, get your parking pass, eat lunch in our dining hall, and meet 其他新生!

Book lists for the upcoming semester are typically finalized about two months before classes start. 你可以在注册课程后订购教科书.

订购教科书,请访问我们的 大学商店网站. You can search for your textbooks using your student ID number or by entering class 你课程表上的数字.